Colin Thomas looks like he has been dragged through a hedge backwards and this pretty much sums up his whirlwind attitude to life. From his first car washing business at 13, to selling kitchens and bathrooms on the weekend whilst still at school and removals for the British Army before running a pub, very few career moves were planned. 

By the time he joined Kraft Foods marketing team, he though he knew it all. He didn’t.... and was promptly fired 12 months later. Finally he found his spiritual home at Sony PlayStation eventually heading their European Motorsports Marketing team. A relocation to Dubai was a dream come too (unlike the first toilet unblock upon starting Jim Will Fix It in 2008). As one of the partners of the renamed We Will Fix It and Essential Maintenance, Colin now splits his week between building maintenance, trading Mitsubishi Pajero’s, a wonderful young family and a puppy called Rolo.

Hence whilst he promises to start a podcast discussing all your home maintenance needs, segways into the rich tapestry of life are rarely far away.

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