Living by the motto ‘doctor by trade, little bit of everything by nature’ Dr Jenna enjoys (and has dabbled in) many aspects of the healthcare industry. From setting up telehealth applications, setting up family medical clinics, working in her local A&E department, setting up occupational health and wellness initiatives, performing emergency medical evacuations on air ambulances and injecting the public with botulism toxins. She has a great oversight to the diverse nature of medicine and multinational healthcare provisions. 


In her free time, Dr Jenna frequently campaigns for improved population physical and mental health. Delivering motivational speeches, writing healthcare articles and engaging in ‘Doctalk’ podcasts as a means to encourage others to adopt healthier lifestyle decisions along with caring for their emotional and mental health needs.


Dr Jenna dreams of presenting medical television and radio shows, however her terrible British northern accent means - for now - she will settle with continuing her research studies, continuing to fulfil her social media aspirations (along with the rest of the world) .... and continuing to discuss health with our favourite professor James Picowye on Doctalk. A conversation never to be missed.


Find Dr Jenna @drjennaburton on Facebook, Instagram and twitter and on her website 


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